Extending models for HIV transmission along the HIV care continuum to inform highest impact and most efficient HIV prevention strategies

Preventing new HIV infections is essential to improving health in the United States. The HIV care continuum (diagnosis, retention in medical care, prescription of antiretroviral therapy, and viral suppression) has been an important framework for understanding HIV care, morbidity, and mortality, and has been recently extended by CDC and CAMP team members into models of HIV transmission and prevention. This project builds on these models to answer priority questions about the future trajectory of the HIV epidemic and impact of interventions, develop web-based tools of those models, and conduct analyses to strengthen national estimates of the HIV care continuum. This project is conducted in partnership with scientists in the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention.

Viral Suppression in the United States - Medical Monitoring Project and NA-ACCORD

Bradley H,Althoff K,Buchacz K,McKenney J,Prejean J,Paz-Bailey G,Shouse R,Brooks J,Rosenberg E

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Improving estimation of HIV viral suppression in the United States: A method to adjust HIV surveillance estimates from the Medical Monitoring Project using cohort data

Rosenberg E,Bradley H,Buchacz K,McKenney J,Paz-Bailey G,Prejean J,Brooks J,Shouse R,Sullivan P

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Effect of the US National HIV/AIDS Strategy targets for improved HIV care engagement: a modelling study

Shah M,Perry A,Risher K,Kapoor S,Grey J,Sharma A,Rosenberg E,Del Rio C,Sullivan P,Dowdy D

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Comparison of Interventions Across the HIV Care Continuum

Shah M,Paz-Bailey G,Wejnert C,Shouse R,Dowdy D,Sullivan P,Rosenberg E,Skarbinski J,Risher K

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Teaming Modeling with Practice: the Emory Coalition for Applied Modeling for Prevention (CAMP)

Kelly J,Rosenberg E,Trigg M,Sullivan P

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Challenges in the evaluation of interventions to improve engagement along the HIV care continuum in the United States: a systematic review

Risher K,Kapoor S,Daramola A,Paz-Bailey G,Skarbinski J,Doyle K,Shearer K,Dowdy D,Rosenberg E,Sullivan P,Shah M

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